About Us

SUNCITY is a Mumbai-based company which, through the classic & contemporary urban design in architectural glass fibre & glass fibre concrete elements transforms cities, skyline and landscape spaces.
SUNCITY – a company into designing, manufacturing and installing Outdoor Lighting Poles & LED fixtures, Landscape Furniture, City Beautification streetscape products, Urban Architectural products with over 35 years experience.
We create urban landscapes by merging different fields of activity in projects created by architects, designers and landscapers: Urban Lifefor optimising the use of urban elements in FRP, GRC and other materials; Lightingfor lighting solutions in public space.
We offer a wide range of products in FRP, GRC, C4X, Stainless Steel & Metal.
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Supplying to local authorities, architects, theme parks, builders, holiday and leisure parks and the community, we have a rangeof products to cater for all ages and settings. We work closely with all of our customers to ensure that all requirements are completed and the finished scheme meets your exact specifications.

Expertise, Experience & Innovations

Throughout its history, SUNCITY has been an innovative and pioneering company in the production of FRP & Metal elements for public and land spaces.
Always at the forefront in the development of new formulations, currently offers the widest range of urban elements, with an extensive chart of materials and finishes.
Our design, engineering and production staff apply technology and experience, through constant innovation of materials, processes and moulds, offering a great capacity to develop singular and customized projects.
Both in moulded FRP & GRC and other metal materials, such as FRP, cast iron, stainless steel and metal, we extend our business lines to the field of multi-material street furniture and lighting.
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In this way, SUNCITY provides support to architects and landscape designers, giving shape to their projects and offering them a catalogue of urban elements suitable for universal use.